December 13, 2010

Shu Uemura Essence Absolut

So basically winter sucks moisture out of my life like an inorganic anhydrous salt does out of organic solvent. In other words, I'm parched. I can't hardly even wear my contacts because my eyes refuse to retain any moisture whatsoever. The skin on my legs has gone the way of the lizard, and my hair feels so brittle. In steps Shu Uemura Essence Absolut. I may not be able to fully remedy any of my winter woes, but at least technology is on my side. Essense Absolut is an oil hair treatment and is described as a "multi-use elixir." Fancy. It contains all sorts of elaborate sounding things, but one of the main ingredients is camellia oil, which is a traditional Japanese skin and hair conditioner. I've been using this for almost a year now, and it's helped my hair health tremendously.

To apply Essense Absolut, I just pump a few times into my hand and smooth it into the ends of my hair. Initially my hair does look a bit greasy, but after five to ten minutes, the product is completely absorbed, and the hair looks lustrous and feels extremely soft. You would never guess that I'd just slapped a bunch of oil onto my hair. What's more, the oil also absorbs quickly and fully into my hands, and makes them feel moisturized all day. I think it even makes my (horrible) cuticles look healthier.

Essence Absolut retails for $65 for 150 ml. Blessedly, when Shu Uemura decided to pull their cosmetics and leave the US, the Art of Hair line stayed. So Shu Uemura hair care can still be found in many high end salons. I bought Essense Absolut at a fancy pants place on Bond Street. If you want to locate a salon near you, there's a nice search feature on the Art of Hair website

As an alternative, pure Camellia oil is sold by Chidoriya at $31 for 50 ml. You get less for the money, but also pay less overall. In my experience, Essence Absolut absorbs more fully, but the pureness of the Chidoriya is also very appealing. Chidoriya is sold through beautyhabit.

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