December 3, 2010

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Review

As expected, Kevin Murphy Powder Puff is totally fab. After playing with it for the past month, I recently got a real life demonstration on how to use it (thanks Lisa!), and it might actually be what we fine haired girls have been wishing for all our lives. The best way to apply Powder Puff is to take a section of hair starting near the part, and tapping the product right onto the roots. Once you've done a number of sections, concentrating at the back of the head, massage your scalp with your fingers. The more you massage, the bigger and more voluminous your hair gets. If you want body elsewhere, flip your head over and tap some onto the length of your hair, concentrating at the ends. This is literally the perfect product for someone who constantly runs their fingers through, and plays with their hair, like I do!

Powder Puff behaves somewhat like a dry shampoo in that it latches onto the oils from your hair and scalp. I find that the volume doesn't particularly hold up the next day after sleeping with it in my hair, no matter how much I massage, but I guess I could always add more. According to the Kevin Murphy, this product can be applied to damp or dry hair, although I've basically only ever applied it to dry, so I can't attest to the performance on damp. This product is also referred to as a " Metamorphosis Product" which I would agree with. All of those products that claim to give you perfect bed head but just weigh down your hair can eat their heart out, because Powder Puff really delivers. 

Isn't it the cutest?

Unlike most Kevin Murphy products, Powder Puff doesn't confer any specific healthful benefit, but it doesn't do any harm either. And like all of his products, it's paraben and sulfate free. The ingredients are:
Water, Silica Silylate, Sodium Benzoate, 
Butylene Glycol,Nylon-12, VP/VA Copolymer, 
Alaria Esculenta Extract,Citric Acid, Phenoxyehanol

For more information, and even a how to video (that I'm apparently too lazy to watch, shame on me) visit the Kevin Murphy website

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