December 11, 2010

RMS Un-Coverup Concealer in 11, Swatches and Review

RMS Un-Coverup Concealer is a gem of a product. Brought to us by Rose Marie Swift, this a mulit-tasking product that can be used to conceal, but also to generally even out skin tone. I've been using it most under my eye and around my nose. As most of her products, this has a coconut oil base, so there was some concern over break out. I have somewhat acne prone skin (whatever that really means) and so far so good. My skin has been a complete mess since the seasons changed, but I don't think Un-Coverup Concealer has been anything but a help in that department. 

I was definitely concerned about matching a color to my skin. Un-Coverup Concealer comes in three flavors, 11 22 and 33: light, sorta light, darkish. All have a fairly yellow base. Having had so many failed matches with concealers in the past, it was a relief to have Rose Marie match me herself. Naturally she chose 11 for me, but she also demonstrated that 22 would work as well, depending on the effect I wanted. Personally I prefer pale, and was elated to see that 11 was a pretty perfect match. 

Un-Coverup Concealer is a transformative product, it looks so yellow in the pot, but spreads sheerly and naturally onto the skin. The coverage is medium to full and yet looks completely natural. I have neutral undertones which lean toward the cool end. I can get pretty rosey, but this yellow product actually meshes very well with the rest of my face. And it doesn't give my blue under eye circles a green cast (like stupid Dior did). I honestly think 11 would work for a huge spectrum of skin undertones, especially considering this is a product that the self-professed olive toned Grace London swears by.

Since this is an oil based product, it actually never dries fully. The skin remains very slightly tacky throughout the day, which would probably be a deal breaker for some. However, I think it's actually one of the most unique and awesome qualities about the product. As any concealer, Un-Coverup settles into the fine lines under my eye, but as long as I pat it out a little more sheerly, the problem is solved without sacrificing coverage. Since the product never completely dries, it remains manipulatable all day, so this problem can be corrected casually. With the usual concealer, if you try to blend it out again after in inevitably settles into those lines, you get cakey disaster. 

Additionally, Rose Marie showed me how this product can be massaged into the pores in my T-zone to literally make them vanish. I've never had a product be so effective for concealing pores. Although washing with an oil cleanser at the end of the day is very important if you use Un-Coverup to this end, because I could definitely see how pores could get clogged with this usage. 

Unlike basically every concealer/ foundation on the market, the formula of Un-Coverup doesn't contain any water, so the tiniest amount of product goes a very long way, and it will last and last without worry of expiration. So the value is actually a remarkably good one at $36 for 7 grams. 

This is definitely a new holy grail item for me. Nothing will every replace the Ellis Faas Concealer in my heart, but there's plenty of room for Un-Coverup. Every time I put this on my face, it seems like skin care. It keeps my skin hydrated and beautiful. And it has nothing but beneficial all organic ingredients. True love.


Grace London said...

I love this stuff - it's the only concealer I've used for about a year now. 11 does work well on my (slightly greenish!) pale olive skin.

I'm very envious of you getting to meet Ms Swift, I would love to meet her!

H said...

It really was a pleasure and honor to meet her. Maybe if you ever come stateside you can set up an appointment, because I'm sure she would love to meet you too!

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