December 23, 2010

Dior Five Golds Palette for Holiday 2010, Swatches and Review

Actin Filaments, Photo Credit: LaVerne L Poussaint

I know I'm late in my review for the Dior Five Golds Palette for Holiday 2010, but I had to get to know it a bit before waxing poetic. I'm typically a pretty big fan of Dior Quints, 2010 has been a banner year in fact, but I was slightly hesitant about Five Golds. Normally this is the exact sort of bronze neutral goodness that I'm all about, but for some reason this palette seemed to be less than exciting. Until I spent quality time with it. And I'm so glad I did. Five Golds is definitely in league with all the rest of the quints as far as quality and design. The shadows are smooth and vibrant, and the color combination is unique enough to my collection that it's a worthwhile addition. Additionally, it's also in line with my taste enough that it can be used with a large range of my other products. 

The black is a medium pigmented shade with sliver microglitter. I've used this the least, just as a soft liner. The two bronze shades definitely steal the show because they're so pigmented and beautiful. The sliver is also well pigmented and combines well with the other colors. It's nice to have a cool tone to offset the mostly warm palette. 

The lightest color, which is basically just glitter in a sheer base, has gotten mixed reviews. I ultimately decided I really liked it as an accent shade. It can be combined with other colors in the quint, or otherwise, to make them more sparkly or noticeable. Usually I don't use much glitter, but when I do, I might as well go all out. So I'll be using this to really push an eye look over the top. Since it's so sheer, it can really be layered over anything, even a blush or highlighter. 

I was actually testing and wearing this quint when I was visiting Washington state over the Thanksgiving holiday, and that huge blizzard hit. The snow made for an interesting morning for my mom and me. We actually ended up abandoning the car, and walking home the last few miles. It's a good thing I had snow pants on and my eye makeup looked inappropriately glamorous. When you combine the colors together on the lid, it gives this awesome impression of the semi-precious stone tiger's eye. It goes well with green eyes, and winter catastrophes. 

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