December 18, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011 Ombres Perlées de Chanel Swatches

Can we please talk about how much I hate Chanel for doing this to me? Please, release Spring '11 in January after Christmas, for crying out loud. But of course since this is the most elegant and cohesive collection I've ever seen from Chanel, I ran right out and gouged a huge hole in my wallet, which I might add has already taken an epic beating in preparation for the holidays. Because god forbid I miss out on anything. Jeez. 

Anyway, the products are really what you're here for, so I'll stop complaining. Today I bring you the star product, the Ombres Perlées de Chanel. Obviously I haven't had much time to really play with this palette, but it just about knocked my socks off when I first spotted it in person, and I wanted to quick share some pictures and swatches. I love love love cream products, and the moment I heard Chanel was slated to release a pearl themed cream eyeshadow palette for Spring, I was all kinds of excited. And Ombres Perlées de Chanel does not disappoint. 

The moment I got this home, I put on the golden cream and light pink shades on my lids. I must say the formula far surpasses similar cream products in quality. After having these on my lid, I may never look twice at my MUFE cream shadows ever again. I didn't even hesitate to apply primer in my mad dash, and so far the formula is lasting well also. It's not the most rigorous of tests to wear eyeshadow around the house for a couple of hours, but it's nonetheless encouraging that there isn't even a hint of creasing yet. 

The two lightest shades are the least exciting, but will probably get the most wear because they create a sophisticated sheen on the lid that looks very natural and flattering. They can also double as highlighters. 

The rest of the colors are a series of complex shades that really do reflect the luminosity and variation of fresh water pearls. Unfortunately they didn't photograph that well, because the sparkle is too complex for my dinky camera to capture. The middle shade is a beautiful near duo-chrome plum, the fourth shade is a murky gasoline-on-water green, and the last shade is a pearly dark grey with a distinct green note. All of the colors look beautiful together, and also compliment the rest of the collection very well. 

My favorite color is the last one, the black pearl. It's definitely a very unique shade. It doesn't compare to anything in my current collection, and I can't think of any similar colors available on the market. The impact of dramatic or dark shades is softened when they come as a cream, so I think it'll be very wearable, especially for the holidays. I'm looking forward to combining this palette with the Ellis Faas eye lights I got back in September for a festive look. 

With Flash

In Natural Light

Overall I think this palette is very much worth the $65 price. I might not have been able to pull the trigger if I hadn't looked at it in person, but seeing the high quality texture and uniqueness of the colors was very convincing.

I bought a few more items from the collection so more reviews are coming soon. I'm doing a manicure and pedicure using two of the new nail polish colors tonight!


Z said...

a girl after my own black pearl is on its way to my house now and I will most def be ordering the ombre perles

H said...

Glad you like the post, and I hope you enjoy both Black Pearl and Ombres Perlées!

pinkribbons said...

Love it, I agree my wallet won't be liking me much either! Would love to see how you pair the Ombres Perles with Ellis Faas.

H said...

I'll let you know what I end up doing, right now I have plans of combining the plum shade from the chanel palette, with the purple eye light, E304. I think I'll make the plum my lid shade, with E304 as the highlight in the inner corner. And probably the black pearl shade from the palette over eyeliner around the outer corners. Sound good?

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