December 20, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011 Black Pearl and Pearl Drop, Swatches and Review

For some reason I can't stop buying Chanel nail polish. They're like crack. I actually don't find anything that remarkable about them as a whole. The formula very rarely impresses me particularly, and I find that Chanel is far from being the trend setter, despite the accepted dogma. And yet, I lay down 23 green each and every time, Spring 2011 being no exception. 

All that being said, Black Pearl is so completely worth the money it crosses over to the ridiculous. This is one of the most singularly beautiful nail polish colors I've ever used. Difficult to put into words, Black Pearl is truly unique. I've been disappointed by Chanel nail polishes in the past, especially those with this particular shimmer formula, but Black Pearl delivers both in beauty and in quality. (although it still started chipping within 24 hours. but I'm unusually hard on my hands.)

So, I got this very suggestive email from Chanel. I was already  expecting to succumb to Black Pearl, but I realized I must have Pearl Drop as well!!! And make this a reality!! Black Pearl manicure, and Pearl Drop pedicure!!

Close up to show the sparkle. I used two coats to reach opacity with Black Pearl.

Pearl Drop is the sort of color that I rarely go for. I definitely didn't need this color, and there's nothing particularly unique about it, but at least the formula is also the same high quality as Black Pearl. I think a white frost manicure is typically considered a faux pas, so I wasn't sure how I should use this pearly gold white until I got that email. And I'm really loving it on my toes. Since the usual mani/pedi combination is a light/dark, not a dark/light, I think this combination is more visually interesting.

It took three coats to reach opacity with Pearl Drop

One of my recent disappointments with Chanel was the release of Riva, which looks so exquisite in the bottle, but translates terribly to the nail (thankfully I was able to resist that nail polish purchase). But as you can see below, the bottle color of both Black Pearl and Pearl Drop translates very well to the nail. 

All in all, I'm very happy with these nail polishes. Black Pearl is definitely a must have, whereas Pearl Drop completely isn't. I would advise anyone to run right out and buy Black Pearl as soon as possible, before it sells out forever. 

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