December 2, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana The Mascara Review

It's been quite a while since I actually purchased mascara. I've been so lucky and getting gifts with purchase galore. D&G The Mascara was one such GWP, and I like it so well that I can say with confidence that I would actually shell out the green for it in the future. This mascara doesn't create the most dramatic of fringes, but it gives the lashes enough volume to make them noticeable without looking obviously coated or clumpy. The overall effect is very natural and flattering. 

I've been wearing the coconut-oil-based RMS un-coverup concealer a lot recently, which thoroughly encourages raccoon eye. It's an amazing product that's completely worth it to use, but all that oil is going to interfere with mascara wear time. I've had some trouble, particularly with Buxom Lash and Armani Eyes to Kill, but D&G The Mascara hasn't been running under my eye at all. Score. And what's more, it's still plenty easy to remove with just water. 

As you can see, the applicator isn't anything special, but if you've read my review on the Ellis Faas mascara, you know I don't put much stock in fancy mascara wands. It's all just fluff and marketing as far as I'm concerned. Fancy or not, The Mascara certainly gets the job done well. If you're in the market for a high end mascara in flashy gold packaging that gives a flattering natural lash, then run out and buy this, right now!

As the whole world knows by now, D&G is only available from Saks. The Mascara retails for $30, but the full size is a relatively common GWP, so just keep checking upcoming beauty events at Saks. This is my second full size GWP tube, in fact. I really can't think of a better incentive or reward. Thanks, D&G, for treating your costumers so well! 

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