October 31, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid

This highlighter has gotten some rave reviews from the Rouge Bunny Rouge fans, and I think it's worth the hype. This is actually my first liquid highlighter, and I must say I'm glad that I chose this one to start off on. It's very easy to blend out and the finish is beautiful and dewy. The usual complaint is that the pump gives you way too much product, but I just sort of smear the extra on my neck region. The amount of product is so extremely generous (at 30 ml) that I don't mind. That 30 ml does come at a very high price. I just checked, and it appears that Zuneta has changed over to a "choose your currency" system, so no more playing the exchange market. This highlighter comes in at a whopping $70.58 USD. Holy damn! I did not pay that much. Zuneta often has 20% off codes, and "sheerluxez20" is still active. Whoa.

Swatches in direct sunlight, I tired to get different angles to better show the luminosity
From L to R: Blended Swatch, Heavy Swatch, and GLOB!

Okay, the swatches speak for themselves, this is a beautiful highlighter. An excellent product to have in any dedicated makeup lover's arsenal. However, I'm beginning to realize more and more that I prefer extremely subtle highlighters, and although this product is subtle by most people's standards, it's not as subtle and my usual highlighters. The highlighters that I reach for the most are Edward Bess All Over Seduction cream highlighter, and the Este Lauder Tom Pecheux Pure Color Luminous Powder. Both of which are hardly detectable.

So the verdict: I'm glad I got this, because those 30 ml will probably last me at least 5 years. A $70 purchase for 5 years worth of highlighter isn't so bad. I would recommend you skip this item if you already have a liquid highlighter, but if you're about to run out of one, then by all means run out and get this one. You won't be disappointed.

Photo of the Pump

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