October 11, 2010

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

I got two big things for my birthday this year. Number one: a prada wallet. I've have never owned any designer leather goods, and I've always wanted one. Number two: La Mer The Eye Concentrate. I'm in my mid-twenties now (!!!) and I need eye cream, damnitttt. I've been courting the idea of buying La Mer for a quite some time, but I couldn't justify the price. Even for a birthday, I went for the least expensive offering.

So after several months of use, the verdict: this stuff is worth the price tag. I've definitely seen an improvement in the eye area, a reduction of puffiness, decrease in dark circles, and just an overall moisturized feeling. I don't have fine lines (yet), but the whole idea is to be preventative. I feel a though my eye area is safe in the hands of The Eye Concentrate.

Every morning after the aforementioned witch hazel ritual, I use the little silver applicator to apply the concentrate to my eye orbital. I didn't know the proper way to apply eye cream until the La Mer sales associate showed me, but apparently you're supposed to only put the cream on the boney bits, not slathered all over the lid, as I was apt to do before. You learn something new everyday.

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