October 3, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder, Review and Swatch

Since ordering online is always so dodgy, one must rely heavily on descriptions. The Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzer wasn't exactly billed as such. The color I ordered was "At Neatherway Cove," and was described as "satin-finish natural coral-brown." I was basically expecting a blush of the Dior "Bronze Harmony" ilk. Must have been that bit about coral-brown that threw me. But nevertheless, I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm usually not the bronzer type, but this one really does MELT. Don't people use that term all the time, and you're like, that sounds nice, but what does that mean? Usually I don't think of powders as being particularly melty. But what I'm trying to get at, is that this bronzer blends so flawlessly into the skin, that it seems as though you're wearing nothing at all. I could really use the color too. Paleness is in my genes, and then I go around hiding from the sun.

The size of the pan is pretty generous, and the packaging is very charming. The actual color of the bronzer is definitely more pink in base than most I've encountered, which is why it's so well suited for my complexion. The "coral-brown" descriptor turned out to be pretty accurate. The photograph doesn't really do the bronzer justice. It looks very brown and flat, whereas in real life, it's somewhat pinky with a hint of sparkle. I've tried out chanel, dior, and mac bronzers, and out of all of them, this is the most natural and tame in color. It's pretty sheer, and very appropriate for the utlra-pale.
Nice packaging, huh?

In the pan it looks really brown, but there is a coral-peachy quality that is lost in the photo

This is a relatively heavy swatch...
The Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow powder goes for £41 on Zuneta.com. Again, definitely a splurge, but the way I figure it, I basically own two bronzers, and those two might as well be the highest quality and most natural looking on the market (my other being the Edward Bess bronzer, review pending). I think this would be a good purchase for someone who either collects bronzers, or for someone who doesn't have a bronzer and needs a place to start.

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