October 10, 2010

Chanel Soho Story Collection Picks

So this past week I finally decided that I had to take action. The Chanel Soho Story collection came out for new york fashion week, and more specifically debuted on fashion's night out, which was almost exactly a month ago. I went to Bergdorf's that night, and like a total loyalist, had a makeover at the Paul and Joe counter. In other words, I did not go to the Soho Boutique. I've been trying hard not to think about the Soho release, trying hard not to read the essentially rave reviews from other bloggers (especially Amy at CafeMakeup) but alas, I was overwrought. I am a new yorker after all. I have to show some loyalty, just like how I bought the Absolut Brooklyn. So I trotted on down to Soho after work, and did the damage. I chose the "Soho de Chanel" Highlighter/Blush and the Rouge Coco in "Stunning."

Soho de Chanel really is super awesome. I like the brick red blush portion particularly well. I just don't know how Chanel does it, to be honest. The simmer is so sophisticated. When I put it on my cheeks, it's all glowing and nice. I usually reach for matte shades for my cheeks, but I have to admit that this type of shimmer is so seductive. The highlighter portion is less exciting, mainly because it's difficult (for me) to get just that bit on my brush. But I have a feeling that my skillz are not up to par with the experts.

All pictures taken in bright sunlight . . . said captain obvious.

I don't really know how I managed to get my hands on the Rouge Coco Lipstick in Stunning, considering how late it is in the game. But this particular lipstick was a return, from just that very day, and the sales associate told me that I was a very lucky girl. I think it takes more than getting your hands on a lamely limited edition product to make a girl lucky, more like living to see another day and all that, but whatever. This is actually the one item out of the collection that I wanted the most, so why am I complaining? This is my first Rouge Coco, and I'm not that impressed with the formula. It's drying and smells too much of . . . flowery cosmetics. But the color is super nice. See for yourself:

Bright sunlight swatch

As for the rest of the collection, all I can say is "ehh." The nail polishes didn't really rock my boat. And neither did the other lip items. I swear, if Chanel comes out with another baby pink lipgloss with sparkles, I'm going to lose my shit. Oh wait, I already must have lost it when the released freaking "Charming" for the Holiday collection. Oh well.

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