October 5, 2010

Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Sunlit and Afterglow

Basically, anything called "all over seduction" has got to be a home run product. Edward Bess has a way with naming products. Everything is either "seductive" or "ultra luminous" or "slick." The man is a genius, fo' real. The product "pure seduction" is a small compact highlighter that comes in a sleek black lacquer compact with a mirror. Don't be put off by the small size, this highlighter is pure gold.

Sunlit on the Left, Afterglow in the Right
Sunlit is a very subtle and natural pale highlight. It's excellent for brow bones, inner eye corners, and top of cheek bones. Because of the sheer nature of the product, I think any skin tone could use it, even the very darkly complected. Afterglow is the darker of the two and equally as subtle and natural. It's also good for all of the same application types, but I actually use it differently. I use Afterglow under my eyes, blended in with my HG Ellis Faas concealer in S202. I concentrate Aftergow at the inner corner under part (if that makes any sense) and leave the outer under eye just concealer. The effect is pretty awesome, if I do say so.

Swatched in full sunlight, from L to R: Sunlit, Afterlgow

Edward Bess All Over Seduction highlighters run for $38 apiece. I know, I know, expensive, but this is why I've slowly acquired all this EB goodness over a long period of time. Seriously, I go every quarter.

Edward Bess products are available online at Edwardbess.com, and Neiman Marcus. If you're in the New York area, you can always stop by Bergdorf's. I also heard that Edward Bess might be coming to Nordstroms, but that might just be an internet rumor (or something I made up).

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