October 12, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in Orchid and Amethyst, Swatches and Review

This season, Dolce & Gabbana came out with three new lipstick shades: Orchid, Amethyst and Cosmopolitan. I swatched all three in store, and completely fell for Orchid and Amethyst. Realizing how similar cosmopolitan was to Chanel's Summer 2010 Rouge Allure in Genial, which I already own, I passed on that particular shade (although it was also very lovely). The other two are fairly unique to my stash. Orchid is a deep pink, Amethyst is a deep purple. Amethyst was featured in the Fall 2010 promotional picture with Scarlett Johanson, so I think there may have been some bias! Both are excellent on cooler toned skin, although I think a deep purple shade like amethyst would look rockin' on anyone. I really love the formula of these lipsticks, save for one thing: the scent. I like that it's a classic rosey lipstick fragrance, but it's just a little too overpowering for me at first. Like a true junkie, I suffer through the initial cloying scent until it fades 10 minutes later.

On the left: Orchid, On the right: Amethyst

Prior to purchasing these two colors, my only vampy lip color I owned was Dahlia, also from the D&G Classic Cream Lipstick line. I really love Dahlia because it is the exact lip color of a 1920s screen siren. Whenever I put it on, I feel like I could be the starlett of a Howard Hughes movie. The two new colors closely resemble Dahlia. As you can see, Dahlia falls directly between the two new shades, Amethyst and Orchid,

Swatches with comparison, from L to R: Dahlia, Amethyst, Orchid
Below you can see a lip swatch of Orchid. I used Paul & Joe Lip Pencil Duo in Scarlet to line my lips first. I wore this lip to work yesterday, combined with the brick colored blush featured in the "Soho de Chanel" compact. The two compliment each other very nicely. When I wear a strong or bright lip, I generally keep everything else light. One of the keys to pulling off a look like this is to make sure that your under eye is concealed fully. Orchid was a big hit, I got several compliments from my coworkers!


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