November 5, 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle, Swatches and Review

I sure love me some Yves Saint Laurent, particularly the lipsticks. And Rouge Volupte Perle is yet another home run product for me. I got two of the pink colors: 103 Sparkling Pink, and 104 Stellar Pink. The former is a cool toned pink that brightens up my face, the latter is a surprisingly natural my-lips-but-better color. And the formula!! Bow down to the perfection that is this formula! This lipstick just glides on, and feels so luxurious and moisturizing. It's even better than the creamy Rouge Volupte Original. As is the general consensus, the Perle-ness is also much more forgiving than the Original when applying to the lips. You can just slap these on, no need for liner.

Left: 103 Sparkling Pink, Right: 104 Stellar Pink
Aren't the colors absolutely gorgeous? As for the wear time, I would say it is decent. I generally have to reapply lipsticks throughout the day no matter the formula, because I snack and drink and mess about with my lips, but I have a feeling these are not as long lasting as a less moisturizing counterpart. Any of the Chanel lipsticks, for example, would outlast these, but they are also much more moisture zapping. Although, the sparkle particles in the Rouge Volupte Perle formula seem to last forever. The color may fade, but the particles remain until they are forcibly removed.

One thing to note, these Voluptes do not have a mirror on the top of the lid. I never did get much use out of that tiny mirror, but it's still nice to have (my typical usage: check my teeth for foreign food particles, because yes, I am that classy). Sort of a bummer that these are the same price ($34, but my cheap bone made sure these were acquired at a discount), but come with less. I forgive them though, because they're damn near perfection otherwise.

Left: 103 Sparkling Pink, Right: 104 Stellar Pink
A last consideration is the size of sparkle particles. These two colors have very subtle particles, that really do impart a pearlescent quality. 101 Beige Caress on the other hand, had some nasty ass giant particles. Which is why it's not being reviewed here today. I swatched that business and was like, awww hellll noooo.

These are a permanent addition to the YSL Lip wardrobe. And so the color selection may be limited now, but there are more to come I'm sure. So the verdict: go forth and buy Stellar Pink, it's the shit. Sparkling Pink is less necessary, but seriously, go swatch, you won't be disappointed.

If the $34 is not agreeing with you, YSL will be available at a 20% discount through Sephora very shortly, that is, if you're a VIB like me. So if you missed out on these during the friends and family sale, fear not. If you're not a VIB, then I'm also thinking the YSL website might have a discount soon, for the upcoming holiday rush.

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