November 14, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eyeshadow

"Long Lasting Eyeshadow- When Birds are Singing" is the shimmer eyeshadow offering from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I ordered Solstice Halcyon, a heart stoppingly beautiful warm taupe, and Abyssinian Catbird, an equally beautiful rich bronze.

The formula of these eyeshadows is total perfection. Smooth and highly pigmented. The glitter chunks are a nice size: subtle, but with a bit of a kick. Applied to the lid, these shadows really stand out in quality. And of course the eyeshadows get points for having the cute Rouge Bunny Rouge packaging.  

Solstice Halcyon on the Left, Abyssinian Catbird on the Right

It was thanks to Grace London at londonmakeupgirl that I ordered Solstice Halcyon. She's been praising it for ages, so I was guaranteed to include it in my first Rouge Bunny Rouge order from Zuneta. And you know, I've been wearing Solstice Halcyon non stop since it arrived early september. Grace would agree, this sort of color is the perfect shade to give a little definition to the eye. I wear it as a soft color wash all over my lid. 

If Rouge Bunny Rouge seems unattainable, or you prefer to see colors in person before buying, then I would recommend you check out Chantecaille's Sel single eyeshadow, or Este Lauder's Tempting Mocha single eyeshadow, which are both very similar in color.

The decoration on the top of the packaging 

It was thanks to Theglossgoss that I ordered Abyssinian Catbird. There are a few color categories of eyeshadows that I obsessively hoard, Taupe being one, Bronze being another. I can say that Abyssinian Catbird holds up as one of the nicest bronzes in my stash. This shade is a nice accent or crease color. I've also been wearing it as an all over lid wash. 

There aren't any truly comparable colors in my collection (or at least none that would be at all useful to you), but Abyssinian Catbird is very close to the middle shade in Dior's Impression Cuir palette that was released two years ago. Although, Abyssinian Catbird is much more richly pigmented, and easier to apply to the lid, than the Dior shade. 

Swatch in full sunlight

Swatch in partial shade

So basically, both of these shadows are absolutely necessary to own. At least for someone like me. I really can't recommend this formula enough, and I'm excited to go back for more. As always, I have to thank my fellow beauty bloggers for reviewing products like these, that I can't see in person, because otherwise I would be  at a complete loss as to what colors to order. It's because of them that I was able to order confidently. Rouge Bunny Rouge is available worldwide from Zuneta, and holy damn, "sheerluxez20" is still valid.


Grace London said...

I *love* Solstice Halcyon. It's my go-to shade, to the extent that I no longer have my head turned by every new taupe. Abyssinian Catbird is beautiful too, I have that on my 'to-buy' list.

Glad you like them :)

H said...

Thanks :) Keep up the excellent work at londonmakeupgirl. I really appreciate the support!

Musing on Beauty said...

I love these 2, I need to give them more love, they're perfect for this season!

LissaSioux said...

uh oh, i thought i was safe from zuneta for awhile, just having order a little over a month ago. but that solstice color looks exactly like the kind of daily color i want. that's crazy the sheer luxe code still works!!

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