November 7, 2010

Edward Bess Blush Imperiale in Soft Orchid

Soft Orchid was the first blush brought to us by Edward Bess, so you know that a lot of thought was put into it's creation. Edward Bess is king of aesthetics, and he never disappoints. Soft Orchid is a cool pale pink, that looks unexciting in the pan, but has an unidentifiable quality that makes it something really special. Once applied on the cheeks, this blush lights up the skin in a way that I've never really come across previously. When applied lightly, it's almost more of a pink toned highlighter than a blush, because the powder is so luminous. When wearing it, you really do look lit from within. 

With all that going for it, you know it's going to get a lot of wear. I really like subtle. Subtle highlight, subtle mascara, subtle blush. So this has been a complete staple since I bought it during the Bergdorf gift card event. I almost always wear blush of some type, and this one compliments such a wide variety of colors and looks. The formula is sheer, but it can be built up to a nice healthy flush, so it can always be made to suit. 

This is a relatively heavy swatch to show off the color

Edward Bess can be gotten at the usual places, online at Neimans, and in the store at Bergdorf. Zuneta is the newest carrier, so anybody in the world can order his products now, and I happened to notice that Zuneta is offering a neat Edward Bess starter kit as a holiday special. Go check it out. 


Camilla said...

We love your post! Great images and swatches too. I have posted it to our Zuneta facebook page.

H said...

Thanks Camilla!! I'm glad you like it. Keep up the good work at Zuneta!

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