September 30, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Like Whoa!

I've heard so much about Rouge Bunny Rouge. All of the England based beauty bloggers have been abuzz about it for the past year. That's because they get paid in Pound Sterling, lucky bastards. For those of us in the states, Rouge Bunny Rouge must be gotten at the exorbitant GBP to USD conversion on Such is life. Anyway, last month I put in my first order on Zuneta for an off the hook haul of Rouge Bunny Rouge. Today I bring you possibly my favorite product, the Decadent Duo Joys and Desires in Rumba Cubana (although it is very hard to choose, because everything that arrived was pretty fab). The Decadent Duo is a multi-tasking cream blush lip gloss combo that sort of rocks in every way, especially for ghostly pale types like myself. This particular duo is described as being "rosewood." I'm not really sure what type of color rosewood is supposed to be, a rosey wood? A woody rose? But in any case, it's lovely. See for yourself.

Lipgloss on Left, Liquid Blush on Right

From L to R: Blush concentrated, Blush blended, Lipgloss

Rouge Bunny Rouge is guilty of having really whack names and descriptions for everything. I mean, the Decadent Duo Joys and Desires is describes as such: "The night flowers in the Enchanted Garden open secretly in the dead of night. When all is quiet, they uproot and dance, weightlessly swaying in dangerously compelling movements, to mesmerise their prey, into a devoted stupor. 'Joys & Desires' were thus inspired as divinely-fashioned beauty weapons, bestowing you with the secret of travelling light and to arrive still looking delectable." OMG, the whack. I'm sure tons of people love all that, but personally, my most loathed gengre of anything is "romantic comedy" so that should explain it all. Of course, it's fine to enjoy romantic whatever, I just tend to stick to horror movies and science texts. Anyway, back to the duo.

The consistency of both the gloss and the liquid blush is very luxurious and non sticky. The blush is super easy to blend out, and looks very natural. The gloss is a perfect compliment and has all sorts of sparkly depth. The Decadent Duos come in four colors, this one being one of the two neutral offerings. These duos run at £28 which is usually about $40 on a (very) good day. Not a good value, really, considering how little of each of the two products you get. One nice thing is that Zuneta runs specials all the time, so I actually got a 20% discount on my whole order. Grace from LondonMakeupGirl often has discount codes for Zuneta, and actually, the promo code "sheerluxez20" is remarkably still valid, I just checked. I also highly recommend checking out in general for deals associated with any website.

These duos are definitely a splurge, but I'm going back for the rest.

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