September 29, 2010

I only trust my hair with Kevin Murphy

this is an old picture of my shorter, color treated mess

Today's topic is hair. I have long hair that probably reaches close to the small of my back. I can't actually say for sure using those terms, since I can't very well look at my own back while my hair is lying nicely on it, but I can tell you that when I reach around with my hand, the longest strands reach about that far. Anyway, I'm a British mutt in heritage. Meaning I have English, Scottish, Irish and Welsch in my background. So that means that my hair tends to be very fine and delicate. Mostly it behaves as a sort of puff around my head and shoulders because of the slight natural wave. I go to great pains to make it healthy. I want it to grow, and prosper, and lead a contented life. So I've experimented a lot with different types of hair care. I can say definitively that Kevin Murphy products are the only ones I really trust my hair with.

Kevin Murphy hails from Australia, and I seem to recall an ad claiming that the big aussie stars like Kicole Nidman and such were fans. Whatever, the best part about the products is that they're all natural, and soothe the soul of even the most damaged locks. The Kevin Murphy website says: "The products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate and paraben free." The shampoo and conditioner, referred to as wash and rinse respectively, were a little hard to get used to at first. The shampoo doesn't foam as much as your token drugstore brand, the conditioner is not the typical plastic-y consistency. The two lines that I've used the past several years are the "angel," and more recently, the "moisturize me." The angel rinse is good for fine hair, and obviously the moisturize me rinse is good for dry hair. Both smell divine, I might add.

So my routine goes as follows. I condition my hair intensely every time I wash it, which means I go through the Moisturize me rinse about twice or three times as fast as the wash. Additionally, I only really wash the top of my head. I swear, the bottom of my hair probably hasn't been touched by shampoo in years. I also use the Born Again Masque once a week on the ends for extra conditioning.

If I actually ever style my hair, I often use Kevin Murphy products as well. I highly recommend the anti-gravity and motion lotion products for creating body. (I really don't use my hair dryer anymore, because it's bad for my hair [in fact, only one person uses my hair dryer these days, and it's my friend Josh who sometimes visits me here in the city. He has flow-y Jim Morrison style hair, and yes, my friend Josh is kind of a rock star]). I'm also EAGERLY anticipating the new product called the powder puff. Hopefully my hair-stylist second-mother gets it in stock soon.

Like whoa, it's gonna be awesome!


Avram Marian - Gabriel ( Graham ) said...

Congratulation for you site!Beautiful!
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and leave a link to your blog for sending people to this article.

lisajohnson_salondelucca said...

I have powder puff and lots of it!!!!! I'm saving one for you...Love second ma....xoxo

lisajohnson_salondelucca said...

Got powder puff!!!!!xoxo

lisajohnson_salondelucca said...

Got powder puff !!!!!!! Xoxo

Andrea said...

First of all, it's Welsh, not Welsch! And secondly, being British or not has NOTHING to do with the texture of your hair!!

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