September 29, 2010

Ellis Faas Eye Lights, Swatches and Review

I also picked up the new Ellis Faas Eyelights from the recent Bergdorf beauty gift card event. There are five colors, E301 through E305. The first is a warm silver, the second is a golden green, the third is a gold bronze, the fourth is a medium purple, and the last is a duochrome brown teal. I've played with them only a short time, but I can safely say that I've never seen anything like them. The Ellis Faas Website describes them as:

"Although liquid, they dry upon application to create the illusion of metallic eyes. The texture appears moist whilst being perfectly dry with a smooth finish, so you won't feel any stickiness and you'll avoid those pesky eyelid creases."

All true! They actually dry down to an almost-gritty dry feel. Not sticky in the least, although I suppose if you have dry lid problems, these might not be for you. I unfortunately have oily lid problems, so I don't mind. I generally apply all Ellis Faas products with my fingers, and these are no different. I haven't tried blending these with other powder shadows, but they blend nicely with each other. I've been using them individually as the main lid color, with some additional powder products added as highlight or emphasis once the Eye Light has dried. And word to the wise, they dry quickly, so you have to work fairly fast if you want to blend them out.

From Left to Right: E301 E302 E303 E304 E305, in indirect light

Direct Sunlight

As mentioned above, the fifth color also has a true duochrome quality that I really like. I guess it's similar to Mac Club, which I've heard volumes about but surely will never own. Speaking of which, Amy at Cafe Makeup just did a review of a brand that has a similar color here.

I had a hard time capturing the effect of the eye lights photographically, but just trust me that they're gorgeous.

Ellis Faas is definitely one of my all time favorite brands, and I own a large variety of the products. One of the complaints I often hear is that the click pens are a huge pain. And yes, I would also say that they are a huge pain. But don't be afraid! Just click your little heart out, and all will be well, I swear! When I was first experimenting with the Ellis Faas click pen, I was so timid, not wanting to waste, not wanting explosion, not wanting DISASTER! But now when I receive a new pen, I just go nuts clicking, until product comes shooting out. I've started, let's see, about 20 of these pens now, and trust me, the shooting is a good thing. Because you have to saturate the tip with product in order for application to be at all doable anyway. And sure, some product is inevitably lost, but not even close to a significant amount. The same goes for restarting the pen. I just click like a maniac, because life is for the living!

The Ellis Faas Eye Lights can be found at

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