September 29, 2010

Ellis Faas Concealer

Onward to more Ellis Faas goodness. In my humble opinion, the Ellis Faas concealer is the very bestest concealer on the market. It has medium coverage, and literally looks like real skin once applied. I use S202, and it is an exact match for my skin color. For so many years I labored to make all the high end concealers work. Dior, Chanel, YSL. But they were all too yellow, or didn't cover quite enough, or covered too much and got cakey. Mercy! But now I am saved from my own dark circled self with help from Ellis Faas!

Here is a swatch of it on my wrist. This is probably not very representative since my wrist is much lighter than my under-eye, and you could better see the color match with it applied to my dark circles. But no dice. The wrist is all you'll be getting, sorry.

Top swatch: Unblended, Bottom swatch: Blended

Unfortunately I don't think the photograph captures the color very well, even though it's taken in full sunlight. I can say that the color has a bit of corrective peach tint to it that doesn't come across well in the picture. The finish is semi-matte deliciousness. Which is another way of saying that the finish is very natural. Not sparkling highlight-y, not flat matte. A similarly finished item on the market that everyone is familiar with would be the YSL touche eclat, which I've also used for a long time. However, the Ellis Faas concealer has more coverage that the touche eclat. I have never tried the Ellis Faas foundation, since I don't wear any, but I have a feeling it would have the same quality. Ellis Faas is available online at and in store at Bergdorf's.

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