January 9, 2011

Tom Ford Black Orchid Set Review

I received Tom Ford's Black Orchid gift set as a Christmas present, having not tested any of it beforehand. I was honestly apprehensive, especially about the fragrance. But this is decidedly high end luxury, and every one of the three items has been a big hit with me. 

I'll start with the item that I was most concerned over, the solid perfume. I'm absolutely terrible at describing scents, so I'll just say that the Black Orchid solid perfume seems to me to be complex, but still universal. The metal compact that it's housed in is obviously vintage inspired, and is very classy and high quality. At first I thought there was a mirror in it, but it's just a highly polished and reflective gold surface. Almost a mirror, not quite. The closure is magnetic and secure. I haven't been carrying it around for fear of damaging it, but I bet it would hold up just fine to kickin' it in a hand bag. Overall, it's a beautiful piece that's worthy of being carried around by a vixen from the 1940s. 

The nail polish is the first from Tom Ford, and thankfully holds up his reputation for quality. The polish is highly pigmented, and dries with a high shine glossy finish. Not sheer, not bumpy, just nail polish heaven. Definitely worth having, since I don't own anything similar. 

The Lipstick is also the first I've ever tried from the Tom Ford line, and I must say I'm also very impressed with it. I wore this shade on New Year's Eve, and it was a big hit. The formula is definitely moisturizing, but just dry enough so that it doesn't bleed all over the place, which is a must with such a dramatic color. I wouldn't wear this everyday, but it's very on-trend and nice for those (very) occasional nights out. 

This was the Christmas present that I was most anticipating from the lot, and it didn't disappoint. Overall, I think this is a great introduction to the Tom Ford line, and an excellent gift. And it's a good thing that I received it as such, since I really can't imagine paying the full $140 just for myself. But that's Tom Ford for you. 

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