January 21, 2011

RMS Lip2Cheek in Muse, Swatches and Review

The RMS Lip2Cheek is a multitasking cream product. As the name implies, it can be used on either the lips or cheeks. Or both, if you're into the matchy-matchy like I am. Like most of Rose Marie Swift's products, Lip2Cheek is a coconut oil based item that is pigmented only with natural minerals. It's also an all organic and all raw vegan formula that's never been heated about body temperature (98.6 F to some, but definitely 37 C to me). The consistency of Lip2Cheek is that of a firm cream. The best way to apply any RMS beauty product is to let your natural body heat warm up the product by swirling your finger in the pot. Rose Marie told me that these are designed to be used with your fingers because of the low melting point of the oils. Once warmed slightly, Lip2Cheek spreads nicely and naturally over the skin.

When I visited Rose Marie Swift, Muse was one of the two Lip2Cheek colors that she picked out for me. Which is a little surprising, since it looks so drab and beige in the pot. But when used on the lips, it makes for a sort of washed out retro look that's goes nicely with dramatic eye styling. The natural color of my lips is by no means overpowered. Instead, Muse sort of takes it down a notch while still looking completely natural. The color of the cream is not at all flat either. There are small reflective particles that are presumably part of that whole natural mineral pigment business. So overall, the effect is very flattering. Much more so than the concealer lip that's been popular recently.

When Muse is used on the cheeks, the pigment all but disappears. But the reflective mineral bits remain visible, and since it's an oil based product, there's a bit of a sheen. In short, it acts as a very subtle highlighter. My favorite. 

Muse also has infinite possibilities regarding mixing. Any of the other RMS beauty products could be combined with Muse to make it lighter in color, and less matte in texture. The other Lip2Cheek colors looked much more flat in comparison, so this really has the potential to liven up the other shades. 

RMS Lip2Cheek is available for $36 at various retailers, such as spirit beauty, the nature of beauty, and from the RMS beauty website. Since one pot is likely to last a lifetime, it's a pretty good investment.

Photo credit: Electron Microscopy Unit of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center 


Helen said...

Great review! I've been eye-ing the RMS products for such a long time.

could you please do a swatch of "muse" on lips like you did with the lip shine? I'm desperate to see how "muse" looks like when it's on lips..

thanks so much xoxo

H said...

Thank you Helen!

I would love to do a lip swatch picture, but it's going to have to wait until after I take the MCAT in three weeks. At the moment, every daylight hour and then some is spent studying. After that I'll be sure to oblige.

Wish me luck!

Helen said...

Yes I'll wait of course!! :)

I wish you the best of lucks on your MCAT exam!!!!!

Michelle C. said...

I found your blog just a while ago and I need to tell you that I simply loved your RMS photos and reviews. I keep coming back to see them again!

Have you ever tried Vapour organic makeup? Although I really admire most of the RMS colours, for some reason Vapour products last a bit longer on my skin than the RMS ones.

All the best from Rio,

Michelle C.

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