February 24, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Color Burst Lipstick in Word of Mouth

Likened to a balm by many a blogger, it's safe to say that Rouge Bunny Rouge makes one moisturizing lipstick. Quite some time ago, I ordered one of the Color Burst Lipsticks from Zuneta, which was obviously prompted by all the rave reviews of the formula. It was sort of challenging to select a color, because the swatches on the Zuneta website aren't the greatest. But the color description for Word of Mouth goes as follows: "Creamy, shiny finish cool cherry syrup (**the little black dress of lipsticks, very pretty and feminine)" How could I resist? Ordering  cosmetics on the internet is always a huge pain, but you sure as hell can't go wrong with a description like that. And I'd say it was pretty accurate. As you can see in the photos, the color is sort of a pink toned plummy red, or a reddish plum, depending on how you want to look at it.

After wearing this lipstick around for the past however many months, I can say that the moisturizing properties really are worth the fuss. It's definitely the most comfortable full coverage lipstick that I own. I generally like the feel of thinner lipsticks better (think YSL Rouge Pur Shine), but when it's particularly cold out, and my lips are feeling exposed and malnourished, this is the lipstick I reach for. I would recommend lining the lips, because like so many of it's emollient brethren, the Color Burst Lipstick formula seems to be prone to feathering. But I really don't mind a little liner. 

I would probably wear this lipstick all day every day if the color suited me slightly better. Although the color description on the Zuneta website was pretty accurate, this sort of plumb red color is hard for me to make casual. It looks simultaneously dramatic and geriatric on me, if I'm not careful. Maybe it's my skint tone. One of my oldest and bestest friends has the most beautiful head of red hair, and this sort of color looks incredible on her. I'm a brunette. So there you have it.

Next time I place an order with Zuneta (in other words, when another coupon code becomes available) I'll be getting the Color Burst Lipstick in the "Screen Siren" red Raw Silence. Those sorts of colors are always easy for me to wear, and the formula is definitely worth the further exploration of the line.

1 comment:

Goya said...

This color reminds me of Rouge Coco Rouge Orage #23, which I love deeply.
Am also brunette (cool type) and it make my perfect summer shade. Are you familiar with it?

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