February 16, 2011

Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch for the Spring 2011 Collection Sparkles

This should be a relatively short post, since the pictures speak for themselves. The newest Paul & Joe pouch for Spring 2011 has the most beautiful and charming print, and I had to share it. The larger kiss lock pouch comes with a mini bag tucked away in the internal pocket. There have been plenty of P&J prints that haven't taken my fancy, but the moment I saw the promotional pictures for the spring collection, I knew I had to have this one. 

I noticed right away that the pouch's colors are a bit more vibrant in person than in the promotion. The fabric is a satiny synthetic, a polyester of some type, and the kiss lock clasp makes for a secure closure. The mini pouch that comes inside is also super convenient, because I can put my jewelry in it. I wear a lot of jewelry day to day, so I always have to travel with a receptacle for my rings and bracelets, particular when there are metal detectors involved. The overall size of the kiss lock pouch is good also; it's the perfect size to hold all of the makeup that I like to carry around for the day.

Definitely steeply priced at $40 dollars, I'm sure this isn't a must have item for everyone, but I'm glad that I made the purchase. 

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