February 16, 2011

Paul & Joe Face Color for the Spring 2011 Collection Sparkles, Swatches and Review

Sorry I've been absent from the blog so long. I'm literally drowning in my studies. I'm taking the MCAT in about five and a half weeks, so I've basically turned into a nervous wreck. Plus I'm starting a new and huge project at work, where I'll be looking at my samples using a brand new Scanning Electron Microscope. Very exciting.

Anyway, let me continue with the rest of the Paul & Joe Spring 2011 collection review that I promised two weeks ago. Today I bring you the Facecolor in 072 Taffeta. Since all three of the face colors released for this collection have the same packaging, I decided to settle on one to buy out of the lot. I didn't see these in person, even though I could have easily gone to Bergdorf's to check them out, but as I mentioned above, the MCAT has kept me indoors during the weekends for the past several months. So I ordered the "safe" choice: the bronze and pink combination. I've never been able to say no a bronze. The mauve and blue looked very nice too, but those aren't as a guaranteed to be a success for me. 

Of course, 072 Taffeta did not disappoint. The packaging is lovely, and the quality of the facecolor is high as always. The finish is definitely on the frosty end of the spectrum, but I would say that this is sparkly, while still remaining very tasteful. I had a hard time photographing the swatches, since the lighter of the two shades essentially disappeared into my skin. In person it gives a very flattering natural sheen to the lid, but the sparkliness just didn't translate to the picture. As for the bronze shade, it's pretty much to die for. Definitely not an original color, but neutrals aren't there to blow our minds with originality. Bronze is one of the colors that I collect, and for all those collectors out there, I highly recommend this color. 

From Left to Right: Beige Pink alone, Bronze alone, Combined

I also like that this is a multitasking product. You get three colors for the price of one, since you can apply each separately, or combine the two. The pan is a little on the small side, so a large brush wouldn't be able to pick up one color over the other, but when using a precision brush, or a finger, it's easy. Unfortunately the little applicator that comes with Taffeta is pretty useless. Although I did use it to make the swatches, so at least they served that purpose!

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